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Why a Professional Cleaning Service in Canada Is the Best Option

There are various listings available online nowadays when it comes to cleaning services in Canada. You might be shocked to see the price range between professional cleaners versus hiring an individual for a day to do the work. While it can be tempting to cut a few corners and pay someone a little bit less […]

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4 Things You Might Overlook During Your Holiday Cleaning

Cleaning is often a task performed over the holidays. More often than not, it serves as preparation for the many guests your home is expected to receive. Whether you plan to welcome guests into your home or not, however, one thing remains true: you will sometimes overlook one or two things in your winter cleanup.  […]

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3 Types of Candy Stains and How to Get Rid of Them - Our Guide

It’s all fun and games during the holiday season until one of the kids drops their candy onto the carpet. While you may tell them it’s alright, we all know that it probably isn’t. Melty candies staining furniture is an all too common problem that is seriously challenging to address. Fortunately, whether on your sofa […]

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2 Reasons to Let a Professional Handle Your Move-Out Cleaning

Regardless of where you’re headed next or how tight your deadline is, the entire experience of moving out of your current home in pursuit of a better living experience is hectic at the very least.  After spending years of living in a rental property and finally saving up to afford a downpayment on your dream […]

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5 Factors to Consider When Looking for Office Cleaning Services

As a business owner, your main responsibilities include overseeing your operations. You have to ensure that your employees are fulfilling their duties and that things are going as smoothly as possible.

With that said, it pays to remember that you must also ensure that your offices are clean and conducive to productivity. Failing to maintain a clean workplace may bring a negative impact on your staff’s health, performance, and efficiency.

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Here Are the Top 5 Home Dusting Tips You Should Know

When your house is full of dust, it's just going to trigger so much discomfort for you and your family. You'll find yourself sneezing more than usual, and your allergies will be triggered throughout the day.

One way to prevent the discomfort and keep your home looking fresh and clean is by continually dusting and cleaning your home. Besides doing it yourself, some homeowners ask for assistance from companies offering home cleaning services to help them clean the entirety of their home.

If you're planning to spend the weekend cleaning your home, you've come to the right place. We'll share some of our dusting tips to help you dust your way through your home. Let's get to it!

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Office Cleaning Company - Our Guide

An office has two main purposes. First, it should be a conducive working environment for you and your team; second, it should serve as a sufficient face for your business when dealing with clients, customers, and collaborators. As the success of your business hinges on your office’s ability to execute these purposes, it might be […]

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Home Cleaning 101: The Dirtiest Parts of Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary; it's a space where you and your loved ones spend the most time to bond and create memories. After dinners, bonding nights, and other daily activities, it can be relatively easy to spot prominent dirty areas, such as spilled food on the countertops, muddy footprints on the carpet, or even […]

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Cleaning Checklist Before and After You Move Into a New Home

The idea of moving into a new home is always exciting. However, this excitement can be jarring when you know that you are moving into an apartment previously used by another occupant or a brand-new house that still contains many chemicals. In whatever scenario you find yourself in, you need to clean your new living […]

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5 Things to Do Before Placing Your Home Listing - Our Guide

Selling a house nowadays takes more than putting up a “For Sale” sign on your lawn. In most cases, it takes serious marketing efforts to gain interest and get people to show up in an open house.  Whether you’re selling your property to move on to better accommodations, or just flipping it for a profit, […]

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