5 Ways Cleaning Services Help Your Real Estate Business - Our Guide

July 1, 2020

If you’re in the business of real estate, you know the difference a sparkling clean house can make in terms of successfully renting or selling it. Whether they are vacation rentals, apartment units, or houses for sale, these all need to be cleaned and prepared before potential occupants and buyers step foot in them.

Freshly laundered linens, gleaming carpets, shiny hardwood floors, and spotless windows can be enough to win you a successful transaction. Encountering the opposite can have your guests leaving you a terrible review and sending your ratings to the gutter. A meticulously clean house indicates that it has been cared for, maintained well and that all its amenities are in good working order.

Managing real estate properties can be relatively easy if you engage the right partners in ensuring your inventory is always occupant-ready. Here are several reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning service to ease some of the workloads:

1. They will clean thoroughly & regularly

Professional cleaning standards are more stringent than yours. You might wipe the dust off the surfaces, but they will move the furniture pieces and vacuum behind the cabinets you might be too tired to reach. You can have a professional cleaning service continue to clean rental units even while you have tenants. Doing this is particularly useful when you have short-term guests who expect hotel-level service during their holiday getaways.

2. They can work on a flexible schedule

If you have short-term guests leaving or check into your property at odd hours, it can be tricky to organize a cleaning service in between. You can still accommodate your customers’ irregular schedules as many cleaning services do offer round-the-clock working hours.

3. You don’t need to supervise

Let’s face it, between sourcing prospects, entertaining clients, and preparing paperwork, you won’t always have the time to prepare a unit for viewing. You can take care of other more pressing matters while cleaning services do their magic.

4. They can address even the toughest cleaning situations 

If you have had particularly rowdy guests, you may be stuck with stained mattresses or soiled carpets. On the other hand, perhaps the unit has been left vacant for some time, and dust, watermarks, or other tough blemishes have set up camp on your furniture.  Cleaning these yourself will take days of scrubbing and polishing, whereas a professional service will come prepared with all the tools to address heavy-duty cleanup. If you manage several properties that tend to be vacant, you should conduct regular cleaning every week or so to prevent your units from becoming too grubby and musty.

5. You can clean multiple locations on the same day

You may have properties in multiple cities or on opposite sides of town. Hiring professionals means they have the resources to cover more than one location.  Among all the items on your checklist, If you insist on doing the work yourself to save a few dollars, you probably will not have the time nor energy to do a thorough cleaning. 


You don’t need to carry the burden of caring and cleaning for each unit in your inventory. Outsourcing the cleaning tasks to professionals ensures the job gets done perfectly on time, every time. 

Are you looking for the best real estate cleaning services in Canada? We offer premium quality cleaning services for tenants, owners, and other real estate professionals. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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