Commercial Cleaning 101: Basic Tips and Tricks Every Business Owner Should Know

July 22, 2020

Cleanliness is a key component of running a business, as working environments and spaces for customers must be kept clean and sanitized to give people a pleasant experience. While a clean workspace has always been integral in any commercial space, it is even more pronounced now due to the need to continuously sanitize because of COVID-19. 

With a new need for extensive and intensive cleaning for your establishment, it is best to turn to professional services to get the job done well. Cleaning may also be done by yourself or your staff. Remember that when you operate a business that aims to serve people, whether it be food or products, their safety must be placed at the highest regard. As professional cleaners, Paradisal Bliss has some tips for your next commercial cleaning run for the best effects:

Draft A Checklist And Plan Outline 

When you have each area of your building outlined for cleaning, you will be less likely to miss any spots. Make the list exhaustive and crafted for efficiency, so that you go through each area with thorough cleaning and inspection with less energy used up going back and forth. This is something professional commercial cleaning services use to get the job done as soon as possible and with quality.

Organization of cleaning is important, even when cleaning your own home, so start drafting those lists either for yourself, or to show your professional cleaners. 

Invest In Good Cleaning Tools And Supplies

There is no doubt that a good vacuum cleaner and some brooms or mops will make a big difference for cleaning. Additionally, purchasing chemical cleaning products and other known housecare items can save you money if you know how to use them well. However, be mindful of using harsh chemical compound cleaners, because these can be detrimental to your health. 

Utilize White Vinegar And Natural Cleaners For Cleaning

Because of its high acidity content, vinegar is a cooking ingredient that can clean the toughest of stains. Be sure to dilute it with water to avoid the overpowering sour scent and place it in a spray bottle that makes it easy to apply and clean off. If you want an even tougher, yet still natural cleaner, mix the vinegar mixture with baking soda to scrub off stainless steel markings from use. 

Use Dryer Sheets For Pleasant Scents

When cleaning out previously neglected spots of your establishment, you can stick some dryer sheets to freshen up and clear out odd scents. Additionally, stick them in your drawers to leave a lasting smell. Dryer sheets can even be used for cleaning markings on the wall from crayons or markers. 

Try Out Hot Water

Hot water is something that people overlook when cleaning. Residue on items, clogged drains, and so many other things can be solved using a pot of hot water. Mix this hot water with some vinegar and you will likely have even better results for removing clogs or stains. 

Disinfect Bathrooms

Having a disgusting bathroom is a surefire way to make customers uncomfortable, as well as workers having low morale. Make sure the restrooms are always kept clean throughout the day, as your employees will be using it often, as well as customers who visit. Dirty and unkempt bathrooms are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria that can get people sick. 


While these are remedies that can be done by your own employees or even yourself, nothing beats professional commercial cleaning. They are likely going to be equipped with the best tools and cleaning products for a deep clean. For best results, we suggest scheduling regular maintenance and cleaning for best results and good health, especially during times like now when a pandemic is threatening people. 

For the best commercial cleaning services in Canada that reach places like Oakville and Mississauga, Paradisal Bliss offers unparalleled services and cleanliness. Don’t allow your establishment’s safety and cleanliness to be compromised and book your regular routine cleaning today!

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