Home Cleaning 101: The Dirtiest Parts of Your Home

October 21, 2020

Your home is your sanctuary; it's a space where you and your loved ones spend the most time to bond and create memories. After dinners, bonding nights, and other daily activities, it can be relatively easy to spot prominent dirty areas, such as spilled food on the countertops, muddy footprints on the carpet, or even dirty dishes. 

Although these areas are relatively easy to spot, you could be overlooking areas in your home that may need more attention because it could affect you and your family's health. This is why it's essential to clean your house regularly, or even book house cleaning services for your home. 

If you're ready to roll your sleeves and start cleaning your home for a safer environment, keep reading. We've made a list of the dirtiest parts of your home that you should check. Take note of these hidden areas and start scrubbing away!


Let's start with the area of your home that gets the most activity in terms of traffic, tools, and materials used —the kitchen. 

Bacterial growth is particularly evident in the kitchen because it has all the elements that bacteria love, such as heat, moisture, and food. Besides that, the things you buy from the supermarket like raw meat, fruits, and vegetables could be contaminated and carrying harmful bacteria like E. Coli. 

Because of this, it's incredibly vital that you clean your sinks, countertops, cabinets, refrigerator, and tools thoroughly to eliminate these harmful organisms. 


Another favourite breeding ground of bacteria are your bathrooms. Unfortunately, after every time you use your bathroom, bacteria still get left behind.

The usual spots where bacteria lingers are your light switches, doorknobs, and even faucet handles. Wiping them with disinfecting wipes for daily cleaning can prevent any bacteria from sticking to these areas. 

Other areas in your bathroom, such as sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and shower doors house numerous types of bacteria, so it is vital that you clean these spaces and fixtures regularly as well. 


Although it is your beautiful and cozy oasis, your bedroom may harbour countless fungus, bacteria, allergens, and insects that may significantly affect your health. Some of these organisms may be crawling and lurking on your bed. 

When you don't clean your bedroom, bedsheets, and carpet, you may end up having skin conditions, such as skin allergies, irritations, eczema, and acne breakouts. Some infections you can get from these bacterias can be as dangerous as respiratory issues. 

To prevent all of these issues, it's recommended that you change your sheets regularly and properly clean the spaces in your room. Although you clean your room regularly, it's ideal that you schedule house cleaning services every month to make sure your room is cleaned efficiently.

Living areas

Other busy areas of your home are the common living areas, such as your media room, game room, or living room. Foot traffic in these places is high, and if not properly cleaned, you may contract viruses and bacteria stuck on the surfaces in these rooms. 

To prevent bacteria from being transferred from surfaces to your loved ones, make sure you clean areas touched by people often, such as remote controls, keyboards, and other gadgets. 

Another perfect breeding ground for bacteria and allergens is your furniture and upholstery. This is because when someone sneezes or touches these areas with unwashed hands, the bacteria stick to the material, allowing it to live there for several days. 


Just because some areas in your home look clean and spotless doesn’t mean dangerous bacteria and viruses are not lurking around. This is why it's important to thoroughly clean and wipe surfaces in your home with safe disinfecting solutions, or better yet, book house cleaning services to eliminate these bacterias efficiently. When you have a clean home, the quality of your life improves, and you and your loved ones will live a happier and healthier life. 

If you're looking for house cleaning services, you should check out Paradisal Bliss. We provide our clients with premium residential and commercial cleaning services in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Mississauga. Give us a call and have a better and cleaner space today!

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