5 Steps to Keep Your Shower Floor Tiles Squeaky Clean

August 26, 2020

Even though shower floor tiles are consistently exposed to flowing water, the truth is that they can accumulate dirt pretty fast. Although it may not seem like it, water can actually stain surfaces, and soap residue can build up on the tiles. This will lead to a surprisingly dirty shower floor. 

With the different minerals that are present in water, like lead, shower floor tiles are very susceptible to stain and dirt. Other debris that comes off when we shower, like strands of hair and grease, can also clog the drain and stain the shower. Additionally, an open window in the bathroom can introduce more grime from the outside, making the shower an even filthier place. Thankfully, shower floors are fairly easy to clean, and here are five steps to get them squeaky clean: 

Pick Up Large Debris

Before you get down to business on scrubbing your shower floor tiles, it’s important to clear away large debris first. This can vary from clumps of hair, clusters of dirt, to soap scum that’s affixed itself to the floor. The shower drain is a hotspot for hairballs and other grime, so use a plastic pot scratcher to scrub the drain from scum and dirt and the grouting between the tiles. This will prevent it from going down the drain and clogging it up.

Spray Tiles With A Cleaner

The next step is to find a good cleaning solution to rid the tiles of all the accumulated grime. Cleaning the grouting may be more difficult, especially if there’s mould, so you’ll need a stronger solution to clean and sanitize it, like diluted bleach. 

Once you’ve selected your cleaning solution, spray it all over the tiles. Allow a few minutes for the solution to fully soak into the tiles while loosening up dirt, soap scum, and mould. Use a drain cleaner to clear the drain of any hair as well, but be sure not to mix the cleaning solution with the drain cleaner.

Scrub The Tiles

Once enough time has passed for the solutions to dry, it’s now time to scrub the tiles. Protect your hands from the chemicals by using sturdy gloves, which will shield you from harsh chemicals, like bleach. You may also want to use a face covering to keep yourself from inhaling harsh smells from the chemicals.

Make sure to scrub the entire floor rigorously enough to dislodge stains and dirt, but not hard enough to scratch the tiles. Don’t forget to clean the corners of each tile, where scum and grease like to accumulate. Rinse the tiles once in a while to have an accurate idea of your progress, especially if you need to use a stronger cleaning solution for more stubborn stains. 

Rinse The Tiles Thoroughly

Once you’ve finished scrubbing your shower floor tiles, it’s time to give it a good, thorough rinse. Hot water will dissolve the soap and grease that was used to clean the tiles, which will make it easier to remove the solutions you used. Don’t forget to rinse the corner spaces to thoroughly clean your tiles.

Allow the hot water to run for a while. Not only will this guide the dirt and grease toward the drain, but it will also keep it from clogging! 

Survey your floor tiles to see if they’re as spic and span as you’d like. Once it satisfies your criteria, turn the water off. If it could use a little more washing, let the hot water run for a little longer until all the stains disappear.

Let It Dry

Finally, allow your shower floor tiles to thoroughly dry by using a towel or cloth. Allowing the tiles to air dry will result in water residue and streaks, so wipe down the tiles with absorbent material. The grouting must also be thoroughly dried to prevent the growth of mould or mildew.

If you want your shower tiles to gleam a little, feel free to use a bit of window cleaner. A few spritzes will leave your tiles polished and looking new. Be sure to polish it after with the same cloth or towel you used. 


Having a clean shower is one of the most important parts of maintaining a bathroom. It ensures that you are properly washing and sanitizing yourself without risking exposure to pathogens and harmful substances, like mould. Now that you know how to clean your shower floor tiles, they’ll never be dirty or greasy ever again!

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