How to Reopen Your Business Safely - Our Guide

July 29, 2020

As businesses try to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people--both business owners and customers alike, are looking for assurances that it is safe to go outside and transact. While most customers are staying at home, many businesses are also trying to reopen. They want to start operating again so their staff can earn a living and return to some semblance of normalcy.

While there are guidelines from the WHO on physical distancing that can limit the spread of the virus, each city and state implement safety protocols differently. There is also no template for safety protocol for commercial establishment operations. There are, however, evidence-based practices that business owners can be used to prevent and reduce the threat of infection in their space.  

If you own an establishment or manage an office where you are going to welcome the public in, albeit slowly, there are ways you can protect yourself and your staff as you attempt to operate successfully. Here are several tips for preparing your business to reopen:

Clear safety protocols at the door

Establishing safety protocols at the entrance can send a clear message to staff and visitors that you are taking their wellbeing seriously. Keep your glass doors, and metal handles clean free of fingerprints and smudges. It indicates that this high-contact point is disinfected often throughout the day. Post guidelines that everyone entering must abide by, such as requiring face masks and observing physical distancing. You can also display the schedule of cleaning services, so your staff knows their workplace is disinfected regularly.

Adequately equipped-staff

Protect your staff by providing them with face masks, which they should use at all times, even when interacting with colleagues they are familiar with. Face shields made of acrylic covering are growing in popularity, they may add a layer of protection, especially if your team will be handling food or will need to be in closer contact with customers. You can also install glass or acrylic partitions over countertops and work desks to prevent people from infecting one another while using their stations. 

It is possible to observe physical distancing

If the office or establishment is limiting the number of people entering the location, this is a good sign. Some restaurants have also reduced the number of seating options or limited the usable seating capacity so customers can dine with adequate distance from one another. If it isn’t possible to maintain a two to three-meter distance from other customers, this might be a deterrent to get people to visit your establishment.

Vulnerable points are addressed. 

Vulnerable areas are portions of your space that many people come into contact with. These include door handles, lift buttons, and handrails, or balustrades. Have a regular disinfection schedule that uses a bleach solution that is known to kill coronaviruses. Wipe down these vulnerable points frequently throughout the day while customers are visiting your store.

The bottom line

No one is taking a gamble with their cleanliness these days. Commercial cleaning services can help protect you and your staff by providing a professional level of disinfection for your workplace regularly. To make a business run smoothly, you need to give both customers and colleagues clear signs that you are not cutting corners on safety. 

Are you looking for commercial cleaning services in Oakville? We are here to help you prepare your business to welcome customers again. Our expert cleaning can help offices and businesses of all sizes. Call us today for a quotation!

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