The New Workplace: Keeping Your Office Clean and Sanitary

August 19, 2020

Keeping the office clean has always been the job of someone else—you may have knocked off some chips during lunch, and while you may have cleaned that up, the crumbs can be taken care of by the office maintenance staff. That may have been the normal routine, but these trying times beg otherwise.

As we battle this pandemic, keeping abreast of office maintenance is expected of everyone. Preventing the spread of the virus is paramount, even as the country eases into the new normal. Understand that the risk of the coronavirus remains, and it’s up to us to look for ways to co-exist with it, all without contracting the disease.

Upholding office hygiene is one of the most vital ways, as it keeps both employees and visitors safe. Policies must be put up to ensure a clean and well-maintained workplace, in which everyone should put an effort. 

To ensure that your workplace and employees are ready for the new normal, here are some office hygiene rules to always remember:

Social distancing

Social distancing is practiced by countries all around the world, and with a vaccine nowhere in sight, it has now become a normal part of life. It’s a strategy designed to keep individuals from crowding in areas, as this is where the virus can easily spread. A distance of 6 feet is safe, but more distance means better effectiveness. To ensure that your employees are practicing physical distancing, implement the following rules:

  • If working remotely cannot be done, adopt a flexible schedule to avoid crowding the office
  • The distance between workstations must be increased
  • Travel vacations, conferences, meetings, and workshops must be cancelled
  • Discourage employees from using public transit by providing a company service
  • Lunch and break times must be strictly done in respective desks and workstations
  • Avoid congregating in photocopy rooms 
  • Crucial meetings must be held in larger rooms, ensuring that attendees are at least two meters apart
  • No physical contact, even handshakes 

Practicing extreme self-hygiene

To ensure that employees are constantly disinfected and sanitized, install disinfectant dispensers in the workplace. They should be placed in the comfort rooms and entry points, as well as each employee’s desks. In addition, place posters that promote handwashing, which should encourage everyone to continuously wash their hands throughout the day. 

To further avoid the spread of COVID-19, a clean desk policy must also be implemented. Touching surfaces and objects is a sure way to encourage the virus to spread, so constantly remind your employees to sanitize their belongings. If possible, ask them to store their possessions away in lockers and drawers. Their desks, keyboards, and telephones must also be disinfected several times a day. 

Although highly necessary, the office pantry or kitchen is also a high-touch area where viruses can thrive. Make sure to remind your employees to keep this area cleaned, especially microwaves, refrigerators, and even faucets. 

Enlisting the Help of an Office Cleaning Company 

Although social distancing and observing proper hygiene is paramount now more than ever, understand that preventing infection calls for the help of professionals. Your office may be equipped with high-tech sanitizers and policies, but your office maintenance crew can only do so much. 

That said, don’t hesitate to call for professional help. Cleaning services are equipped with power tools and knowledge specifically for deep cleaning and disinfection. To ensure that your employees remain safe, consider hiring professionals. 

For the best office cleaning in Oakville, Paradisal Bliss has you covered. We offer you premium cleaning services, with tools and techniques designed to help curb the spread of viruses. With excellence and commitment in mind, we’ll help keep your office safe, clean, and completely sanitary. Book an appointment today or get a free quote!

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