4 Bacteria-Filled Spots In the Office You Didn’t Know About

May 27, 2020

Your office space is like your second-home—more often than not, you’ll find yourself in it for a majority of your day. With the number of people milling around your office each day, it’s no wonder that it would get messy. Keeping it neat and tidy is one thing, but ensuring sanitation is more complicated than a simple wipe-down.

Obvious signs of messes are easy enough to handle, a simple sweep or mop would do the trick. Unfortunately, despite keeping things clean and orderly, bacteria can spread unseen throughout your office floor—which is why hiring a professional office cleaning service is a necessity for larger businesses.

In order to help the fight against germs, here are the four biggest bacteria-filled spots in your office that you probably didn’t know about.

The Kitchen

Office kitchens, pantries, and break rooms are areas commonly flooded with people. Whether staying or just passing by, these rooms see some of the highest foot-traffic in each working day. When you throw in food to the mix, there’s a huge chance that messes and bacteria will be floating around.

The prime fronts for bacteria here would be the sinks, the refrigerator, and the food counters. These areas have people waiting around them at all times, with numerous hands touching the numerous surfaces of these implements. The mix of food, water, and hands make these hives of bacteria, spreading unknowingly right in front of everyone’s faces.

The Office Coffee Pot

Unfortunately, your daily cup of coffee might have the most germs in the entire office. Communal coffee pots are a great way to boost every working person’s morning, but this is also one of the first things that many individuals go-to as soon as they arrive. Due to the number of hands it passes through, the coffee pot’s handle is often riddled with bacteria—spreading malignantly through each individual needing their daily coffee-fix.

Telephones and Extensions

A majority of office set-ups have personal extensions for each person, thus having people think it to be more sanitary than a shared landline. Despite this, however, phone headsets and speakers are hardly cleaned on a regular basis, which in turn causes bacteria to pool around your handsets and units. 

Although you may think your hands clean and sanitary, you might not notice the bacteria you’re spreading around by simply not sanitizing your handset regularly. Cleaning every single telephone handset may seem too time-consuming a task, which is where office cleaning services come in to help you.

The Copy Machines

Copy machines are one of the most important equipment in your office, which is why it sees a lot of hands touching it each day. This also means that a high volume of users press the “start copy” button each day—thus simultaneously spreading germs all over the office. 


Your office space may seem to be clean and hygienic at first glance, but the unfortunate truth is that surface cleaning is simply not enough. Taking some extra care to thoroughly clean some of the more high-traffic areas can be beneficial to help avoid sickness and disease from spreading through germs. For the best results, however, a professional cleaning service should be your go-to solution.

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