Cleaning Checklist Before and After You Move Into a New Home

October 14, 2020

The idea of moving into a new home is always exciting. However, this excitement can be jarring when you know that you are moving into an apartment previously used by another occupant or a brand-new house that still contains many chemicals. In whatever scenario you find yourself in, you need to clean your new living space before getting too thrilled to bring your stuff in.

Whether you are moving to an apartment or a new home, this article will help ensure that you can fully enjoy your new place. Here are lists of what to do before and after moving into a new space. 

What to Do Before Moving in

Days before your scheduled move, consider visiting the place to clean up a bit. This strategy will lessen the things you need to scrub and polish on your big move day. 


  • Clean your porch and patio by hosing them down with water
  • Start sprinkling your backyard to spruce it up

Living Space

  • If there is an existing carpet on your living space, start vacuuming or steaming it
  • Scrub any stains you see
  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Open the windows to let the fresh air in


  • Wipe down the kitchen countertops
  • Check the faucets for any potential leaks
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer and do not forget to disinfect them
  • Clean the oven and microwave


  • Scrub the bathtub and toilet
  • Clean the sinks


  • Check the vents and air filter in your new home

These are all the basics you need to accomplish before you move in your stuff. All these are light works that will prepare your space before you bring in your things. Remember not to stress yourself during this phase. You can always do the detailed cleaning once you start organizing your new space.

What to Do After You Move In

Once you move in, you can start with deep cleaning and detailed organizing. Here are the essential cleaning notes to remember:

#1: Clean from the top

  • Start cleaning every room from the highest point to the bottom. That way, all the dust coming from the top (for example, window sill) will get to the floor or carpet before you sweep and vacuum them.
  • Begin your room cleaning at the farthest point from the entryway and make your way towards the door. This cleaning strategy will prevent you from walking on wet floors before they get the chance to dry. This same rule applies when choosing which room of the apartment you should clean first. Opt to the farthest space from the main door and work your way to the entryway. That way, you do not have to wipe your hallways twice.  

#2: Deep Clean All the Closets and Shelves

  • Before you put in your clothes, accessories, and other things, make sure you thoroughly clean your closet. Wipe down every corner, lining shelves, and rod. Doing so will ensure no more specks of dust and stains are present before you put in your clean items. 
  • Consider adding vinyl lining on your shelves. It will make them easier to clean and prevent your things from sliding down.

#3: Start Cleaning Your Appliances

  • Make sure to deep clean all the available appliances before you use them. 
    • If you have a dishwasher, run it a couple of cycles. On the first cycle, use vinegar on the top rack. Then, use baking soda on the bottom rack for the second cycle. This trick will remove any weird smell in it.
    • If you have an oven and kitchen hood, scrub them thoroughly. Clean all the racks and even the oven walls.
    • If you have a fridge, using baking soda and vinegar will also eliminate any weird smells. 

#4: Replace the Toilet Seat

  • This part of the house is probably the dirtiest seat in the entire house, and you will definitely sit down on it several times. Make sure you replace the toilet seat and cover. That is how you get a clean and fresh start.

#5: Thoroughly Clean the Kitchen

  • The kitchen is where the smell usually gets stuck, so it requires thorough cleaning to remove all the dirt and cooking smells that the previous tenant left.
  • Make sure that the countertops are free from any stains and sticky things. Use a mild soap or a wood cleaner if you have a wooden surface.
  • Wipe your kitchen cabinets from inside and out using a microfiber cloth soaked in a solution of vinegar and water. 


Cleaning before and after you move into a new home will guarantee you live in your home's best condition. You can work in one room or one corner at a time to not get yourself overwhelmed. All these will require hard work, but you can truly live your new life chapter off to a fresh start once you finish.

If you do not have the time or patience to do the cleaning on your own, remember that there are house cleaning services in Oakville or Mississauga that you can take advantage of. If you are from GTA, Paradisal Bliss can serve you. We offer premium-quality cleaning services for a one-time or recurring cleaning service. Contact us to book a home clean today.

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