How to Prepare for the Arrival of Your Cleaner - Our Guide

July 8, 2020

Before your cleaner arrives at your house, one thing you should do is to clean. It sounds strange since you are hiring someone to take care of keeping your home tidy, but there are services that a cleaner provides, and there are things that a homeowner has to do. You can expect house cleaners to vacuum carpets, sweep and mop floors, dust furniture and accents, scrub the bathrooms and countertops, and clean exterior surfaces of appliances. 

Some cleaners have additional services that may include washing dishes, wiping windowsills, blinds, mouldings, cleaning out refrigerators, tidying up after pets, laundry, and changing bed sheets, but these are not part of basic residential cleaning services. 

Here are a few tips for making the cleaning process smoother for both you and your house cleaner:

Pick up the clutter and organize belongings

Cleaners take care of surfaces, as well as special deep-cleaning services you might request. It is not their job to tidy up after you or to clean your personal items. Before your cleaner arrives, get rid of clutter and put your things where they should be. That ensures that they spend the time actually doing what you hired them to do.

Making the bed, putting away dry dishes, or picking up discarded clothes are all things you can accomplish easily. If you leave your things lying around the cleaner will have to do their work around these things, which defeats the purpose. Otherwise, they will have to pick up your clutter, which will take an entire hour or two out of their schedule.

Prepare your cleaner for house pets

You know your pet best, so you should be aware of their disposition around people who are not part of your household. If you think that they will display aggressive behaviour, send them to a family member or friend while the cleaner is at your home. Otherwise, you can just inform the cleaner that you have a pet so that they can be prepared for it beforehand.

House cleaning services would leave your pets alone unless you request that they dispose of litter, scoop up after a dog, or perform related services. It is good form to pick up after your pets, though, especially when you know someone will be arriving at your house.

Give them space and the tools to work

Clear your kitchen and bathroom counters. Put all your items in a basket under your sink or in a cupboard; this will make it easy for your cleaner to disinfect your countertops. Do your dishes as well. That is probably something you do not enjoy, but if you have a loaded sink, your cleaner will not be able to deep-clean it.

Tell your cleaner if you have allergies or preferences for detergents, agents, or other cleaning items. Have your preferred supplies ready so that they can start upon arrival. You should also provide them with equipment like step stools, which will help them in cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Make sure that they know how to get into your house as well. You can choose to stay at home during the cleaning, but if you have to go out, you must give your cleaner keys to your house or instructions on how to get past your home security system.

Tipping your home cleaner

As a rule of thumb, you do not need to tip cleaning companies. However, you do need to tip individual cleaners. You can check with your cleaning company if there is an option to tip your cleaner through electronic means, or when you settle your bill.


Get the most value out of your cleaning service by doing lighter cleaning tasks. When you do this, you free up your cleaners’ time and keep them from losing minutes to mindless tasks. When you prepare for the arrival of your cleaner, you give them the chance to concentrate on the more serious disinfecting tasks.

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