Why Proper Hygiene Is Vital Amid COVID-19: What to Know

August 13, 2020

As the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic unfold their potential and unravel varying impacts on daily living, cleanliness is poised to take centre stage in people’s minds for years to come. 

Although it’s been seen by many as a subjective matter for the longest time, it’s becoming clear that achieving the right effect and putting in effort are crucial aspects that Canadians need to consider. From wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to sanitizing round-the-clock and maintaining no-touch policies, the number of ways to remain clean continues to grow. 

Now that more people are becoming considerably aware of the effectiveness of their efforts and the ways they can improve them, it’s clear that there’s no better time to brush up on hygiene than now. While there may be so many ways to get things right when it comes to keeping germs and viruses out of your system, there’s one that many are getting wrong: handwashing.

The complexity of handwashing

Don’t let the simplicity of this task fool you: the truth about handwashing is that there’s more to it than soaping, washing, and wiping in 10 seconds.

Although many people were taught how to thoroughly clean their hands and get rid of germs under the faucet even before learning how to speak, science claims that many are still prone to doing this task wrong. With more focus being directed towards proper hygiene and practices, it’s essential to consider the fact that proper handwashing isn’t as swift or straightforward.

The main reason a thorough wash is imperative, especially amid COVID-19

When it comes to understanding the merits of properly washing your hands, it’s best to realize that there’s more on your skin than you think. By putting your hand quickly under the microscope, you’ll get a more detailed idea at various unsightly viruses, microbes, bacteria, and pollen that cling on. This just shows how essential it is to thoroughly wash.

Beyond staying germ-free, the need to properly wash your hands as often and thoroughly as possible is because your home may be putting more problems on your hands than you think. 

How your home is causing more problems, and how to remedy this

Scientists believe that many Canadians are prone to the common mistake of overseeing all the different specs of dirt and bacteria that can hook onto nearly every surface and act as breeding grounds for viruses. Seeing that we all interact with the pieces of furniture, fixtures, and other contact-heavy items at home, it’s clear that these can also become harbouring points for unwanted guests like COVID-19. 

To ensure that you keep your home virus-free and your cleanliness on the notch both inside and outside the house, here are three cleaning tips well worth considering: 

Tip #1: Disinfect every surface in your bathroom

Among all the different parts of your home that have the greatest tendencies to harbour viruses, none attract unwanted guests far more than the bathroom. Aside from washing your hands thoroughly in the sink, taking the time to disinfect it and all the other surfaces (such as the floors, counter, tub, and toilet) will ensure that you’re germ-free!

Tip #2: Keep your fabrics in check

What most Canadians fail to realize about keeping germs off their bodies and ensuring that their hands are clean is that the fabrics at home will render all their efforts futile if they aren’t handled properly. It may not seem like much, but changing your sheets and swapping out your pillowcases will go a long way with respect to making your handwashes more effective.

Tip #3: Invest in the services of a professional

Although you might like to believe that you do a great job of keeping your home clean, the truth is that most people aren’t as well-versed with proper cleaning work as the professionals are. Fortunately, the services of a cleaning expert—such as Paradisal Bliss—are just a call away so that you can prevent germs from thriving in even the tightest corners and hopping on your skin and hands after!


Although they may not seem directly linked at first, the cleanliness of your home and the effectiveness of your handwashing practices both interact in more ways than you can imagine. Fortunately, taking this guide into consideration will set your habits on the right track so that you can stay safe amid this pandemic even when you go out every once in a while! 

We’re a premium home cleaning service in Mississauga that specializes in top-quality home cleaning, industry-compliant commercial cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleaning services. Get in touch with us today to see how we can best help you! 

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