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5 Spots in Your Home That Needs Deep Cleaning ASAP

Weekly sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and dusting can keep your home tidy, organized, and healthy. But there are more spots in your house you tend to overlook that require special cleaning attention and need to be deep-cleaned by professionals right away. Unlike regular cleaning, deep cleaning done by detail-oriented and expert cleaners can eliminate viruses, germs, […]

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4 Traits of a Professional Cleaning Service Provider

Whether working in a group project or planning for an event, finding trustworthy and reliable people to work with can be a challenge in itself. This is especially true when looking for people to clean your home. After all, you want them to clean your home well on top of understanding your exact needs. For […]

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Why Should You Prioritize the Cleanliness of Your Workspace?

Your working environment plays a major role in your productivity, concentration, and creativity. While some say that a messy desk indicates a creative mind, the reality is that keeping well-maintained, spotless, and organized office spaces, meeting rooms, board rooms, and public areas motivates you and your employees to have a clear mind and accomplish quality […]

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How to Tell If a Housekeeping Company Is Worth Hiring

Any homeowner will agree that it’s challenging to keep a house spotless and organized, especially if you’re running on a tight schedule. Maintaining a home will require copious amounts of your time and energy because there are numerous things to clean, errands to finish, and chores to accomplish. But if you’re juggling your work, social […]

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5 Ways on How Office Cleaning Can Boost Employee Morale

Did you know that improved air quality and ventilation provides up to 11 percent gains in productivity? That's according to a report made by the World Green Building Council. Yes, office cleaning does more than you might expect. On top of this is boosting the employee morale that can translate into employee efficiency and overall […]

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5 Steps to Keep Your Shower Floor Tiles Squeaky Clean

Even though shower floor tiles are consistently exposed to flowing water, the truth is that they can accumulate dirt pretty fast. Although it may not seem like it, water can actually stain surfaces, and soap residue can build up on the tiles. This will lead to a surprisingly dirty shower floor.  With the different minerals […]

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The New Workplace: Keeping Your Office Clean and Sanitary

Keeping the office clean has always been the job of someone else—you may have knocked off some chips during lunch, and while you may have cleaned that up, the crumbs can be taken care of by the office maintenance staff. That may have been the normal routine, but these trying times beg otherwise. As we […]

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Why Proper Hygiene Is Vital Amid COVID-19: What to Know

As the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic unfold their potential and unravel varying impacts on daily living, cleanliness is poised to take centre stage in people’s minds for years to come.  Although it’s been seen by many as a subjective matter for the longest time, it’s becoming clear that achieving the right effect and putting […]

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How to Work With Professional Cleaning Services - Our Guide

The unfortunate drawback of expanding your home is that you will need more time to clean it. Hiring an extra maid may not work well with your budget, especially if you’ll only need them to do routine cleaning. That’s why many homeowners with large properties outsource professional cleaning services to ensure that their home is […]

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How to Reopen Your Business Safely - Our Guide

As businesses try to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people--both business owners and customers alike, are looking for assurances that it is safe to go outside and transact. While most customers are staying at home, many businesses are also trying to reopen. They want to start operating again so their staff […]

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